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San Francisco-based Fondue is giving up the ghost, finally admitting that the 1970s are over, and that its dipped-food business model is unworkable.

An e-mail went out to the few remaining Fondue customers on July 3rd; it’s telling that no one even noticed until almost two months later:

Dear Loyal Fondue User:

We will discontinue offering Fondue as a food preparation option tomorrow, July 4. We thought it fitting to end this All-American food permanently on the anniversary of our nation’s birth.

Thank you for your interest and your support of Fondue in the past. If you are interested in foods prepared in similar styles to Fondue, we suggest corn dogs, mozzarella cheese sticks, and chocolate-covered cherries.

Sincerely, The Fondue Team

Fondue joins the CrunchFood DeadPool.


Michael Arrington

We all grew up drinking wine, but after a while the same old red and white became… I don’t know. Uninspiring? Sure, they got us drunk, but frankly over time they became just like every other alcoholic beverage: borrring.

But I just got tipped off to something significantly better, and it’s solid gold: Rosé.

This is a no-brainer, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that drink—a dead simple mashup of one-half red wine and one-half white. Every self-respecting drinker should be slapping himself/herself upside the head over having not thought of this.

In my opinion, rosé could soon be in a battle to the death with wine coolers for supremacy in the Effeminate Alcohol 2.0 space.

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Michael Arrington

Well, this is the first post of our new site covering the world of food in “Crunch” style. Please give me feedback to let me know if this concept works for you and if this is the type of writing you’d like to see from me and our staff. And look out for our official announcement of this blog and a few other new concepts in the next few days.