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Outing Myself

Adam Jusko

Hi, I’m Adam Jusko. You might consider me a guest blogger to CrunchFood if it wasn’t for the fact that I wrote the whole thing. I had a few more posts in me, but I got such a kick out of my Crunch:Food Conference post, anything more seemed anticlimactic.

I am the Founder & CEO of Bessed, a human-powered search engine built on WordPress. Bessed is starting to get a little traction, but we have a long way to go. So if you’re a VC that enjoyed CrunchFood and have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, e-mail me at adam@bessed.com and I’ll tell you what we’d do with that money. Also feel free to e-mail even if you’re not a VC; I get lonely.

Thanks to the real Michael Arrington for taking my posts good-naturedly and for getting the ball rolling with this post. Despite some of the comments other bloggers made about CrunchFood, I had no desire to skewer Arrington. I don’t know him, and his writing doesn’t especially make me like or not like him. I just thought the idea of him analyzing food in a Web 2.0 way was funny, so I threw it out there. I’m glad so many other people enjoyed it as well.

Thanks for reading.

Update: If you’re coming to this blog for the first time, scroll down to the bottom and read the posts in sequential order. I think that would be much more entertaining. 


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